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Birthdate:Aug 30
Location:Whitstable, Kent, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

My name is Charly, and I am grumpy.

I will not add you back if:
• I don't know that you've added me. Comment on here to let me know that you have.
• Your journal entries are all in Russian. I'm sure you're lovely, but I don't speak Russian so there's not much point.
• You never update or comment. Again, there's not really much point.

Other than that, add away :)

Or in brief:
• I am A Manics Fan. Sadly, you can now accurately predict about 70% of my personality.
• I like punk rock.
• I like science.
• I'm fairly cracked in the brain department. Sometimes in the "wacky zany funster" sense, but usually in the "unamusingly mental" sense.
• I share way, way too much because I don't really give a toss what anyone knows about me and don't usually know when not to say things. See last point. Anything particularly disturbing or unpleasant goes behind a cut though.

Interests (88):

3d design, animals, astronomy, atheism, autumn, battling against logic pro, bbc radio 4, black metal, blackadder, borderline personality disorder, breakcore, bukowski (even though he's a bastard), cats, cephalopods, choral music, coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee, d-beat, dawkins on science, descendents, discharge, dizzee rascal, egyptian mythology, evening light, evolutionary biology, fresh air, genetics, george orwell, ghost stories, graphic design, habitat (the shop), hardcore punk, history, inka essenhigh, james joyce, japan, jillian tamaki, kate bush, kent, kinda-sorta veganism, lord of the rings, mad capsule markets, manic street preachers, marilyn manson, marine biology, mecha, miniluv, morning musume, mst3k, muse, my lovely kitty, nn2s, pantheism, philogyny, philosophy, photography, politics, powell and pressburger, pre-rtd dr who, psychology, punk, punk rock, quixotic left-wing nonsense, rab c nesbitt, reading, really good prose, science, squier jagmasters, summertime, tall ships, tattoos, the countryside, the lawrence arms, the number 8, the sea, the sex pistols, the smell of books, the south polar region, the x-files, tidyness, transhumanism, tricorns, unicorns talking to me, unintentional beauty, venetian snares, wabi-sabi, william burroughs, writing bad sci-fi,
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